Especially in times where everything is reduced to efficiency and speed, pure and honest craftsmanship takes on a special significance. BLOOM produces furniture with character. Furniture that is as unique as the people by whom and for whom they are made.

BLOOM manufactures its furniture on the Indonesian island of Java, 150 employees do their best to give each piece of furniture its own unique character and make it perfect in both function and design.


The secret lies in the numerous small individual steps that must be followed when creating unique pieces of the highest quality. Extensive quality checks after each step in the production process, followed by a comprehensive quality assurance test before the item is sent out, play an important role in our production process.


Our principle is to make something good even better. This holds true for all our products but also for our employees. They benefit from a special motivation and bonus system which encourages new ideas and allows every individual in our team - from the janitor to the director - to contribute to the success of BLOOM.


Our weavers are true masters of their art, whereby each weaving team specialises in particular weaving styles and continuously expands their knowledge. For some of our models, the weaving alone requires two weeks’ work.