Dream on….with the greatest comfort on our infinitely cozy daybeds and sun Islands.

With the Cosmos lounge chair or our Cosmos daybed even while lying you always have the THE perfect 360° view. Our sun islands design allow laziness to meet flexibility and provide you with the most comfortable seat possible.

If you're looking for weightless relaxation then our beautiful hanging chair brings back memories of carefree summers and happy childhood times. Like all our outdoor stars, this is all about bringing enjoyment to your outdoor life combined with simple practicality.

Quadro will provide you with those little unique moments that help you escape the stress of the world. Once you lie down, you won't want to get back up... Quadro combines practicality with a coffee table and ottoman in a single piece of furniture.The thoughtful design and multifunctionality makes it one of our most popular products.

Unique style and the perfect wave exemplify our double-deck Monte Carlo range, allowing us to combine design with the ultimate in comfort. All our sun beds are carefully crafted by hand and each piece of furniture requires up to two weeks just to complete the weaving.

Our lounge deck islands offer the utmost in relaxation and incorporate cushions in a variety of dimensions and colours that are both wind and weather proof. The covers are UV-resistant, water-repellent and ultra-fast drying. Due to the antibacterial fibres in our foam, odours and bacteria/fungus are unheard of. Our thought and innovation used in creating this product enhances rather than hinders your comfort. The combination of extra thick, comfortable foam and supple upholstery fabrics, give you a sumptuous sitting experience.